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Counselor’s Corner—

Seniors—Can you believe it’s time for graduation?  As things begin to wind down with high school, remember, this is not the end but instead it is the Beginning!  So, prepare as much as you can:

-Work for good grades !!!

-Make sure you have everything set up for future!!! What are your plans for  next year? College, Military, Vocational/technical school, workforce? 

For those of you attending a 4 year or 2 year college make sure you are:

· Checking your College portals;

· Finishing up the To Do List items on your portal;

· Applying for your Housing and Food Plans;

· Registering for you classes, make it early so you get the classes at the times you want!

· Financial Aid and when to expect to see info on portals;

· Signing your SIR and paying the fee;

· Going to Orientation Days;

· Taking your English and Math placement tests if you need to!

· Notify Ms. Courtis where you are going to college or what you plan on pursuing after high school (4-year College? BC?  Military?  Workforce?)

Last but not least, if you want your diploma and to walk at graduation – clear your debts, take care of your absence/period cuts, PASS YOUR CLASSES!!!

Prepare for rest of your life by doing your BEST!           

-         Ms. Barrick


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Career Center News


April is the month to…

¨ Make updates to FAFSA application based on parent’s 2015 taxes and income filed.  Consider sending a letter of “Special Circumstance” to colleges if your parent’s income has changed since (due to lay-offs, etc.)

¨ View Cal-Grant awards by creating an account at www.webgrants4students.org.  Must submit first-choice college to activate award.  Instructional hand-out available in Career Center.

¨ Complete Community Service for Gov/Econ class (need 10 hours).  Forms and opportunities in Career Center.

¨ Continue your quest for Scholarships.  Did you know that college campus scholarships are one of the best sources of money for college?  Check your college website(s) and complete apps—many have early deadlines.  Scholarships are FREE MONEY for college that DOES NOT have to be repaid.

¨ Remember to write THANK YOU CARDS to anyone who wrote a Letter of Recommendation.

¨ IMPORTANT—if you DO NOT pass one of your A-G Requirement courses during your Senior year with a grade of C or better, you could be DISQUALIFIED for admission to a 4-year college or university.  So keep up your grades throughout second semester—this is no time for SENIORITIS—it could cost you dearly!


And don't forget to check out the latest SENIOR SCOTS bulletin!


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