It's Spring Fest Week

Spring Fest - Dress up Days

Monster Monday:

  • wear a witch hat
  • Cookie Monster (blue shirt, attach cut out paper white eyes and a paper black mouth)
  • Monsters Inc. (green shirt, attach cut out eye)
  • wrap some toilet paper around your arms or legs and be a mummy


Upside Down Tuesday:

  • wear clothes inside out or backwards
  • wear mix-matched clothes


Injury/Accident Wednesday:

  • wear a few band aids on your face or arms
  • wrap a bandage around your arm


Sci-Fi Thursday:

  • wear a lab coat (hint, hint Science teachers)
  • shape some aluminum foil into alien antennas


Flashback Friday:

  • channel your inner 80’s and wear some neon
  • denim jackets
  • rat your hair (think Madanna or Cyndi Lauper)
  • shoulder pads
  • big blazers
  • Members Only jackets (I know some of you - teachers - still have yours!) J