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Show in a Box

On Friday, April 28th, the advanced drama class, and a few from drama 1 and prospective drama students attended the first ever "Show In A Box" Festival at BHS. Each school was responsible for creating a box full of random props and design items to create a 5 minute scene from a script they know nothing about until it is handed to them at the start of the festival. They had an hour and a half to create something new and original. Highland was given "Shrek the Musical" as a script. Half way through our stride, we are doing well, until the staff walked around and assigned each school a curve-ball that they had to deal with and incorporate into their scene. Highland was assigned the most difficult task of performing a musical WITHOUT MUSIC. I told the students to "make it work" and their entire scene transformed into a rap battle using the lyrics from the show. They put a whole gangster vibe into the marketing and it was well received and a huge success. Highland received the "Excellence in Versatility" for superior mastering of our curve-ball and making it work to our advantage to create a successful scene. I'm so proud of our students! Hooray for the creative mind we have! Go Scots!
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