Daily Announcements for Monday 9/26/22







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VAR Water Polo


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  • Hey Scots! Tomorrow is Toy Story Tuesday. Don’t forget to dress up as a Cowboy or Space Creature to participate in Highlands Pixar Palooza 22.


  • If you plan on going to the Homecoming Dance and are buying a ticket from the Finance Office, you MUST have a copy of your current ID CARD.   If you don't have an ID card, please go to the library before school, lunch or after school.


  • Scots! Wednesday is Club Rush Day! Come join us down by the gym and 15 portables to see what clubs we have at Highland and get more information about them.  This is a great time to get involved!


  • Hey Scots, you still hungry? Remember, we serve Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, AND SNACKS!! For you early birds, Breakfast is served from 8:25am to 8:55am. Dinner after school from 4:00pm to 5:00pm. And if you need another boost, Snacks are from 5:30pm to 6:00pm. All free with your UID


  • Scots!!  Do you have your ID card?  Why do you need it?   Where do you go to get one if you lost yours or didn't receive it?  ID cards are used for any transaction in the Finance Office, to verify identification at events likes dances and to put your ASB sticker on.  If you haven't received an ID card or lost yours, go by the library at before school, lunch and after school to get one.


  • Bills, bills, bills - Do you have debt at school? A textbook from last year you didn't turn in?  A uniform you still have in your closet?  Overdue library fees?  Please be sure to check in the Finance Office if you have debt. Formal season is coming up!


  • Hey Scots! Get ready for Highland’s first ever homecoming dance! It will be held Saturday, October 1st from 7:30pm – 10:30pm in the Highland gym. Only Highland students can attend and remember only soft soled shoes, no heels allowed! You can purchase tickets at the Finance office for $10 with an ASB sticker, $15 without, and $20 at the door. Hope to see you there!


Club News:


  • Are you dressed up for Monsters University Monday? Post a picture to Instagram and tag Highland’s FASHION CLUB Instagram - @ fashionclub.hhs There will be voting polls on Fashion Club’s Instagram page and the best dressed student each day will win a PRIZE! Again, check out Fashion Club’s Instagram to vote and tag us in your pictures!