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Daily Announcements for Thursday 10/10/19 Regular bell schedule

Day Sport Time Place Dismissal Time Bus
10/8/19 FS/JV/VAR Volleyball 4pm @ Highland
10/8/19 Girls Golf 9am @Black Lake Golf Course
vs Pioneer Valley 6am Vans
10/8/19 JV Girls Tennis 4pm vs South 2:45pm Vans
10/8/19 VAR Girls Tennis 4pm @ Highland N/A
10/9/19 Cross Country 3:30pm @ Hart Park
vs. Foothill 1:15pm 121422
10/10/19 FS/JV/VAR Volleyball 4pm @ Highland N/A
10/10/19 JV Girls Tennis 4pm @ Highland 2:15pm
10/10/19 VAR Girls Tennis 4pm vs East N/A
10/10/19 FS Football 5pm @ Highland N/A
10/11/19 JV/VAR Football 5pm @ Highland N/A
Day Activity Time Place Dismissal Time Bus
10/11/19 Shakespeare Festival 8:15am Bakersfield College N/A 122000

Attention seniors! Are you interested in attending Chico State University? Chico State will be hosting a preview day on Saturday, November 2. Stop by the College and Career Center for more information.
Lip Sync signups are today and tomorrow in 12A at lunch and after school. You will need have the names of people in your group and the songs you want to use for your performance
If you are interested in playing girls basketball it officially starts Monday October 14 at 3:30 pm on the outside basketball courts. Physicals and packets must be turned in to athletic office to participate. See coach Parlan with any questions.
Men’s basketball conditioning will start on Monday, October 14th at 3pm on the blacktop. In order to attend you will need your physical and online clearance completed with The Athletic Office. Also, bring your outdoor shoes, and a water bottle as well. Any questions see Coach Smith, Coach Romero, or Coach Valdez. See you Monday at 3.

Boys and girls don’t worry it’s not too late to join the wrestling team. Conditioning starts this coming Monday 10/14/19. We will meet in the wrestling room.
If you would like to volunteer for today at the volleyball game see Mr. Finch in the Athletics office.
If you would like to volunteer for today or Friday’s football game see Mr. Finch in the Athletics office.
Anyone interested in cheering on our Scots when we play North tonight, and possibly win a free HHS t-shirt??? TONIGHT is another Pink night at volleyball, so come show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness. Varsity games start at 6:15. If you’re in the stands by 6:15, you’re more than likely gonna catch a free t-shirt in the student section. Come to our PINK game tonight and help cheer us on for a victory over North High.
Before starting SSR today, let’s remember why we want ALL students to read during this time: Research clearly shows that students who read a book of their choice every day are better readers and often do better in school. So put away that homework, put away that phone, and open that book. It will make YOU better!

Club News
Hey Girls Who Code!! It is time to meet again! We are meeting this Friday in 7D at lunch!
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