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Parent Center

Welcome to the Highland Parent and Family Center


Our Mission Statement

The mission of Highland High School is to provide programs and services to allow all students to graduate from high school prepared to succeed in the workplace or at the post-secondary level.


Our Parent Center

  • Join the ZOOM MEETING on September 20, 2021 for "Coffee" with the Principal".
    • Meeting ID: 232 462 3167
    • Passcode: hhs2021
  • HHS Parent Center is designed to provide KHSD Parent/Guardians with opportunities for parent education, school leadership, and volunteerism.
  • Your Parent Center creates collaborative opportunities between teachers, administrators, school personnel, and community members to support students and their families.
  • To learn about any and all upcoming Parent Center workshops please contact:  Antonio Vargas

KHSD Parent and Family Center

  • The creation of KHSD Parent Centers support the district’s core values in the commitment to focus on engaging parents and families as an integral part of the success of KHSD students. Research shows that collaborative leadership strengthens our schools and improves services for students.
  • We value and encourage parent and community input as we begin the process of incorporating and providing services to parents and families. We anticipate to grow in scope and services as these new Parent Centers begin a transitional process in becoming a part of the school and community culture and environment. It is a goal to address and meet the needs of the parents and families in order to fully assist in preparing KHSD students for lifelong learning and success.
  • The following is a list of services that Highland High School has begun or plan to begin offering very soon. The vision is to add and develop services based on our community’s needs. Please let us know how we can continue to meet our parents and community needs.
  • We are also seeking parent volunteers!


Scots Family Resource Center

  • Computer/chrome books, copier, fax and Internet access
  • Instruction and basic computer skills
  • Guidance on creating an email, accessing Synergy, Parent VUE, the parent app, in order to assist parents in being informed of their student’s grades.
  • Parenting classes
  • Connecting families to community resources
  • Training and information on typing, job skills and job searches
  • Daytime and evening English language workshops
  • Parent Project with Teen Component
  • College and financial aid workshops
  • Guest speakers
  • Financial and Budgeting workshops
  • And much, much more!

Kern High School District Focus on Parent and Community Engagement

  • Supporting strong relationships
  • Facilitating two-way communication
  • Linking to learning
  • Valuing diversity
  • Advocating for every student
  • Sharing power and decision-making
  • Connecting families to community resources